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2017 Deal Classic Surf Contest

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2016 – Contest vs Wall

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Another chapter was closed on the long lasting rivalry between Manasquan and Wall this past Friday on the shores of Spring Lake.

The waves were pumping and the kids from both teams gave it their all; with Manasquan reigning victorious.

Morgan Iglay finished 1st in the girl's shortboard while for the second time this year the boy's shortboard final was an all-Squan heat with freshman standout Curran Iglay finishing 1st showing the upperclasman there is a new kid in town.  John Valgenti, who is doing his best to make longboarding great again, racked up a win in the longboard contest.


2016 – Manasquan Classic Longboard Contest

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No Leashes....No Rules

Quite the departure from organized sports of today; but it was time for the September staple here on the Jersey Shore's Manasquan Inlet, The Manasquan Board Rider Club's Classic Longboard Contest.  Dig the pre '67 board out of the shed and get out to the inlet and shred!

Keaton Fortney, John Valgenti, Matt Wick, Jason Brenner, Paige Pirolo and Morgan Iglay from the Manasquan Surf team all competed to show that they could make longboarding great again!

In the Jr. Men's division John Valgenti finished 2nd with Keaton Fortney taking 3rd.  Our ladies represented just as well with Morgan Iglay taking 2nd and Paige Pirolo scoring in 3rd place.

Showing how surfing can truly be a team effort...Morgan Iglay and her partner in longboard antics, Emma Krasowski, took 1st place in the tandem division with John Valgenti and Paige Pirolo teaming up and finishing in 3rd.


2016 – Contest vs Rumson

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It was a great early September day at Spring Lake Beach where the surf God's provided the waves and Manasquan and Rumson-Fair Haven surf teams provided the clinic in what high school surfing is all about.

Rumson's team is new to the Jersey NSSA scene and it is great to have them on board.  We are looking forward to many more contests and seasons with them.